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The strength of our consulting firm comes from our person-centered approach with our reentrants, maximizing our consultants skills and talents within our workforce and our determination to achieve our common goal of offering the highest level of service and care to the people that we serve.

LeBrian Brown


to contact LeBrian, please email

President & Founder

LeBrian is a seasoned community organizer and a relentless leader with infectious energy. Nearly 10 years ago, his career began as a group home manager, and went on to become a job developer for individuals with special needs. He connected over 500 Philadelphians with stable employment and took a special delight in advocating for disabled individuals who also had felony convictions. He worked as a Reentry Specialist for many years, connecting returning citizens to housing, employment, and educational opportunities.

With years of successful programming, leadership, and professional development, LeBrian managed a Philanthropy Network with over 125 foundation members, working as a systems administrator and website administrator.


LeBrian Brown’s experience entering and exiting county jail in 2015 gave a first-hand exposure to the lack of support for people coming out of incarceration. Even after achieving a Bachelors & Master's degree, LeBrian was denied basic necessities of life such as rental properties in complexes that wouldn’t accept criminal backgrounds and jobs who didn’t hire people with felony convictions. Eventually he landed a job as a Reentry Specialist at a local nonprofit, and it was here that he was exposed to thousands of men and women impacted by the criminal justice system who had absolutely no support. This was the propulsion for the ideas culminating to the beginning of Brown Reentry Consulting. 

Daniel DeRosato


to contact Daniel, please email

Reentry Consultant

Daniel is most often speaking with shareholders, business partners, internal corrections sectors, leaders in housing and job services, reentry consultants, and reentrants. He is committed to remain accountable for a reentrant's journey through our programs. He recognizes that our participants are dedicated parents and spouses, and determined individuals with a desire to be an asset to the community they are returning to. Dan's servitude to community wellness and prosperity, with focus on improvement of the lives of the formerly incarcerated, is a goal stemming from his own witness to peoples' interactions with the justice and prison system. He believes the quickest and most influential change comes from working collaboratively with parole and probation, to develop a level of community and accountability to ensure a reentrant's success.


Daniel is a Multitalented Design Professional, specialized in developing and exploring graphic & print concepts for high-end clientele. He has been working closely with founder Lebrian since 2020, and remains a steadfast advocate for the potential of Brown Reentry Consulting. Aside from working within Job Development, Daniel will be providing long-term identity branding for all internal and outward Company Media. With over 17+ years in graphic design, his goal is to grow the reputation of Brown Reentry Consulting as a successful organization through thoughtful and professional mediums.

Daniel uses exceptional collaborative and interpersonal
skills from past Leadership and Specialist roles in various Industries of Art & Design, Marketing & Retail, as well as Technology & Entertainment.

Kenny Borrelli


to contact Kenny, please email

Reentry Consultant

Hello, my name is Kenny Borrelli. I am currently a senior at Widener University, and also now interning with Brown Reentry Consulting. The justice system is very intriguing to me, and has led me to major in Criminal Justice at Widener. I hope to soon become a police officer not only to make a difference in the community I will be protecting and serving, but also making a difference in the police department and the police culture. I am from Clifton Heights Pennsylvania, and graduated from Cardinal O’Hara High School. 

Dillon DeRosato


to contact Dillon, please email

Reentry Consultant

Dillon is an advocate for individuals that deserve a second chance, a helping hand, or their voice heard. He started in early grade school independently collecting school supplies for schools in Reading, PA after having the realization that there are local individuals that are not as fortunate as oneself. Dillon participated in the original organizing of No Place for Hate at Boyertown School District schools as a student representative in accordance with the Anti-Defamation League. He developed the ambition to help others from his mother, a special education paraprofessional of 20+ years. More recently, Dillon has produced educational prison reform multimedia through multiple outlets, where he was introduced to LeBrian. The duo created the prison reform docu-series "With Time We Can" providing a voice to individuals that have made a significant influence on their community after incarceration. At Brown Reentry Consulting, Dillon is a Job Coach and Developer thrilled to have a direct impact in the lives of disabled or reentry individuals. Dillon is also an experienced audio engineer, video producer, and manager. He enjoys producing and playing music, exploring cities and nature, as well as trying new restaurants and cooking.

Jihad Gilliam


to contact Jihad, please email

Job Coach

Jihad will serve as our lead job coach. Born and raised in Chester PA, Jihad is no stranger to the transgressions of the criminal justice system. At the tender age of 13 Jihad was incarcerated and has been in and out of prison until the age of 25. Jihad is now working to make positive strides in his life and give back to the community. Please welcome Jihad to our team.

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