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Are you interested in joining
Brown Reentry Consulting?
We have begun availability in our reentry programs for Housing and Employment.

We are also Hiring for Internal Consultants.
Our opportunities update often, so get in touch soon!

How can we help?

Collaborate and Consult

Our associates have been serving community reentry organizations that work extensively with people who have been released from prison, treatment centers, shelters for domestic violence victims, and homeless people.

BRC helps people take their steps moving forward – A major part of this journey is becoming employed which utilizes the curriculum that LeBrian developed, along with several soft skills courses.

Concrete Stairs

Community Appreciation

Brown Reentry Consulting would like to give recognition to Lombard Central Presbyterian for their generous donation.

This effort towards the company's growth deserves a special shout out as an assist to our endeavors heading into 2023. 

We are all very humbled by these acts of kindness, and BRC will continue to show gratitude to our partnerships for the life our our company.


Understanding the diverse and unique needs of our correctional clientele makes our team a valuable partner.

For more information on previous stories, and to schedule your own interview please visit

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