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Consulting Services


When using a personal approach to finding income, housing, and educational opportunities, the community benefits from the growth of our clients.

Our consultants specialize in the following areas:



Our person centered approach to housing consulting involves connecting reentrants to applicable landlords and housing complexes. We train our consultants to develop relationships with landlords to change the perspective of housing reentrants.

Our housing services include:

  • Landlord and Agent Relations

  • Application Preparation

  • Apartment Search

  • Securing Subsidy Programs

  • Tenant Protection Programs

As professionals in these fields we take our lived experiences and apply what we have learned, encountered, and researched. We understand the responsibility to respond to the needs of individuals that we encounter and the community where we come from.


As consultants, we comprehensively understand the two worlds of marginalization and liberation. We believe we can eliminate and/or reduce marginalization by providing services that achieves liberation for all people.



Our person centered approach to employment consulting includes hands-on job development. We train our consultants to develop relationships with employers willing to hire ex-offenders. They also use a customized work plan model to ensure the job opportunity matches the reentrant's skillset.

Our employment services include:

  • Employer Brokering 

  • Interview Prep

  • Resume Building

  • Job Coaching

  • Cold Calls and Follow-ups

  • On the Job Support as needed

During the development of your employment process, we research best practices that are credible to your industry; creating new tools and techniques, developing a curriculum with the overall goal of being able to measure and evaluate the success of the training for the return of your investment.

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